Do You Know Your Big Three?

This photo was taken at a Bohemian Gypsy themed birthday party, where I was solicited to provide tarot readings for guests.  What a great time I had!  I did know most of the Querents, at least casually.  One by one, they approached the table for a reading, — with open minds, open hearts and (somewhat unfortunately) a sense of humor.

Don’t get me wrong.  I understand that most people consider tarot to be “for entertainment purposes only”.  In time, I think I can change their minds.

The same goes for the Weekly Tarotscopes I’ve been posting here on this blog.  But, this one I totally understand.  Most “weekly horoscopes” (of any kind) are too general to be of use to anyone, because they are based solely on a person’s Sun sign.  But, that is two details less than the absolute minimum one needs to describe themselves in astrological terms. Continue reading “Do You Know Your Big Three?”

Tarot Journeling

Do you read your own cards?  If you do, do you journal about what you see?  If not, you may be missing a golden opportunity to experience some much-needed healing or the chance to avoid making old mistakes over and over again.

Like many of you, I try to take a daily 3-card draw, to see what energies are around me, or to seek out possible solutions to problems I might be experiencing. I admit I can’t do this every day but, when I do have the time, I do it for at least 3 days in a row, and record what I see in a journal. Continue reading “Tarot Journeling”