Meet Bird

The July Blue Moon of 2015 was a very remarkable time for me, for that is when Bird first came to us. We kept company for two very magickal weeks, until she gained the confidence she needed to make it on her own.  My husband and I did what we could to encourage her to find her place, high above in the row of Italian Cypress trees that border our property, among the murder of crows that reside there.

Meet Bird!



Since meeting Bird, I have had several other (albeit less dramatic) encounters with crows. About a month after Bird left us, we were camping in the high desert with some friends,  in an area with a large population of crows in residence.  One crow in particular seemed to always be nearby, calling out to us so much that my camp mates were questioning if Bird had followed us there.  It wasn’t Bird, certainly. But, I soon realized that this magickal Blue Moon had not just brought me Bird.  The Blue Moon had brought me Crow.

Crows build their nests in very tall trees, where they can get a clear perspective of their surroundings, below.  They are constantly on the lookout for intruders and predators, and call out loudly to warn other members of the murder when danger is near.  As I sat watching the crows above, I was reminded of the message they seemed to be here to bring, to always try to remember to look at “things” from more than one perspective.  The further up they fly, away from what is below, the greater and clearer their perspective.  Stand too close, and sometimes a lot of what is there to be seen will be missed.

As a Spirit Guide, Crow can also help us perceive the subtle shifts in energy within us and in our environment.  Crow may be very beneficial in helping us achieve balance in our lives — something that I am constantly striving for, it seems.  Now, when Crow calls, I watch.

You can read more about the story of Bird at The Guidwife’s Garden.

I feel truly blessed by this experience, as I do each time some animal seeks out the safety of my own yard, for whatever the reason.  I know, absolutely, some of those animals who have sought refuge here would not have survived if they had chosen another yard.  I also believe I will soon see this same crow among the community of adult crows that reside in this neighborhood.  It will soon be a part of the flock of Crow Heroes, who do constant battle with a very determined hawk that threatens our neighborhood chicken flocks.