Meet the Crone

Taste of Home PhotoAs a pagan, and a lover of history, I have long felt a strong connection to the Wheel of the Year and the changing energies each turn of the Wheel brings.  I try to live as simply and naturally as I can, growing herbs and as much of my own food as is possible, with the help of my hardworking flock of backyard chickens.  It is our intent to give back to Gaia what we have received from Her, if not more, in the manner of organic farming and composting.  My chickens are amazing compost machines! What I cannot grow, I try to buy locally and seasonally, preserving the excess for use during other times of the year when fresh is not available.  I preserve vegetables and fruits by canning, drying, brining or freezing; fresh herbs are made into herbal preparations for culinary or medicinal use, or dried and stored in my witch’s cupboard for spell or incense preparation.

As an empath, I am very tuned in to the energies around me, both in other people and in animals.  I have had some very remarkable experiences with animals of all kinds, Bird being one who has affected my spiritual path in the most profound way.  However, I am sometimes overly-tuned-in to the energies around me, which can create problems.  I have learned the importance of staying grounded, and now utilize many techniques — such as Tarot journaling, pursuing creative interests (especially those involving holding something in my hands, such as knitting or spinning) and eating a healthy diet.  I am currently learning how to achieve self-balance (balance of the 7 main chakras in my energetic body) through meditation, yoga and the use of crystals.

As an empathic Tarot reader, I depend very much on the cards themselves to help me focus on the energies of the reading, rather than being interrupted by energies that may be in the room with me. I then draw upon the Querent’s energies — whether in person (face to face or over Skype) or through the Querent’s astrological profile — and talk my way around the spread, maybe several times, before coming to any conclusions.  Input in the way of specific questions or suggestions offered by the Querent are always welcomed.   The cards in the spread belong to the Querent, not to me.  I can only tell what the cards tell me, nothing more.

My readings are generally 30 or 60 minutes in length, but I do not end the reading just because the clock may say it is time.  I will end the reading when it is finished, and not before.  In like manner, if everything has been said that can be said, and the Querent has no other questions, I may end the reading earlier.

From My Cupboard, I offer for sale some of these items I have made, always more than I could ever use. I also offer items I use in my own spiritual practice — that you may have seen me make on my YouTube channel — that you don’t wish to make for yourself.  The contents of my cupboard are always changing! Please check back often, so you do not miss anything.