Unveiling the Mysteries at Imbolc

As I pause on the Wheel to welcome the returning light and the stirrings of new life, I can’t help but to wonder what this season of renewal will bring.  I have laid the preparations, cleaned my home and cleared my mind.  Each day, I work on opening my heart to what lies in store for me.

I love this time of year!  Traditionally, Imbolc is the time to honor the pagan Goddess Brighid (sometimes referred to as St. Bridget in the Christian Church).  She is a Goddess of healing, poetry and smithcraft, — of Fire, the Sun and the Hearth.  Now in her Maiden aspect, She brings fertility to the land and to us, her people.  We welcome her as we witness the passing of winter and the beginning of a new agricultural year, with the first sprouting of young leaves and flowers.

Winter came and hit us pretty hard this year, at least by southern California standards.  We had an usually cold and wet November and December, which continued well into the beginning of January.  One of the few warm days, I was lamenting on the fact that I had no winter garden, to speak of, this year.  As I looked upon one particularly long, bare, border bed, I decided to scatter some random seeds and see what I got.  I admit that I didn’t hold a lot of hope that anything would come of this random planting, especially since the days to follow brought both high winds and enough rain to flood most of the garden.

But, the Maiden has kept her promise.  The photo, above, shows the first few sprouts that have broken through the Earth, now warmed by the returning Sun.  Spring is returning, and bringing new life, just as we were sure it would.  I can’t be sure, yet, what this new life will look like.  But, I know the harsh Winter is ending and, — just like these young sprouts, I will grow and thrive within the protected circle of the Elements, to a place where Spirit leads me.

I wish you blessings.



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